Michigan State University International Studies & Programs

These are screenshots of various ISP sites that I have worked on.

Office of China Programs

old chinanew china

Office of International Development

old oidnew oid

International Studies & Programs Advisory/Consultative Committee

old accminsnew accmins

TC 446: Interactive Media II

This is the second web development course in DMAT and is focused mainly on development of web applications in Flash. The course consists of several mini projects.

TC 346: Interactive Media I

This is the first web development class after TC 240: Introduction to DMAT

CSE Redesign thumbnail

Final Project: Site Redesign

Assignment: Pick a site of either the Department of Computer Science, Telecommunications, or the Department of Economics, and redesign the homepage. xHTML and CSS must validate and tables can only be uses for tabular data.

Site Chosen: Michigan State University Department of Computer Science and Engineering


CSS Zen Garden

Assignment: create a new style sheet for CSS Zen Garden. CSS must validate, do not change the HTML file.

TC 447 Final Project

Assignment: In a group of 3-4 people, create a 30 second to 1 minute movie based on a fairy tale.


Assignment: Create a realistic or stylized humanoid with facial features, 2 legs and 2 arms, hands with 4 fingers and a thumb, and only use polygons for the character.

I was going to draw a humanoid and model it based off the drawings, but I ended up doing it from scratch and it worked out pretty well.

  • Front View
  • Rear View
  • Face Closeup