Book Work

Assignment: Follow the instructions in the book to model the train and the Rocket Car

  • Train
  • Rocket Car

MSU in Space!

Assignment: You are assigned a building in the MSU campus. Use a screenshot from Google Maps as a base to model the building and texture it.

I was assigned Owen Hall

  • Owen Hall top
  • Owen Hall right
  • Owen Hall back
  • Owen Hall left

Mass Affect

Assignment: Pick something from your everyday life and model it in Maya only using Polygons

I chose to do my mouse since it was the first thing I could think of.

Mass Affect

Image Design

Me Collage

First assignment for TC 240: Introduction to DMAT

Assignment: Create a collage about yourself in Photoshop.

me collage thumbnail

Studio Image Design

Second assignment for TC 240: Introduction to DMAT

Assignment: In groups of 3-4, photograph an object using studio lighting.

studio design thumbnail

Audio/Visual Design

Assignment: In groups of 3-4, record a Public Service Announcement on a specific cause.

We decided to try to be funny and made it about disciplining children through violence. Luckily everyone got the joke.

Audio PSA project for TC 240

Final Project

Assignment: In a group of 3-4 people, create a movie.