TC 447 Final Project

Assignment: In a group of 3-4 people, create a 30 second to 1 minute movie based on a fairy tale.


Assignment: Create a realistic or stylized humanoid with facial features, 2 legs and 2 arms, hands with 4 fingers and a thumb, and only use polygons for the character.

I was going to draw a humanoid and model it based off the drawings, but I ended up doing it from scratch and it worked out pretty well.

  • Front View
  • Rear View
  • Face Closeup

Book Work

Assignment: Follow the instructions in the book to model the train and the Rocket Car

  • Train
  • Rocket Car

MSU in Space!

Assignment: You are assigned a building in the MSU campus. Use a screenshot from Google Maps as a base to model the building and texture it.

I was assigned Owen Hall

  • Owen Hall top
  • Owen Hall right
  • Owen Hall back
  • Owen Hall left

Mass Affect

Assignment: Pick something from your everyday life and model it in Maya only using Polygons

I chose to do my mouse since it was the first thing I could think of.

Mass Affect